Saturday , June 6 2020
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Already you can send GIFs by WhatsApp in his last beta


The function to send GIFs by WhatsApp that is present for all those who have installed the application on Android beta has finally arrived, although it could activate and was hidden. Finally have arrived the images animated to the application of messaging more used. Soon you will see how your …

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How to invite a group of WhatsApp by sending a link


Is the new function that has appeared in WhatsApp, specifically in the beta of the application for Android that already us allows make something that is had announced makes time, invite to contacts that come in a Group of Whatsapp sending a link. While this function us smells, and more …

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It’s over, accept the conditions of WhatsApp or stop using it


The term given to accept the new terms and conditions of WhatsAppis now fulfilled. On the mobile phones of many users who had not done so is already appearing notice to, inevitably, to accept them or, simply, we never use our account anymore. It is likely that throughout the day, …

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How to avoid WhatsApp to share your data with Facebook


WhatsApp today announced its first update of the policy in four years and, as it is normal, not liked to users. This morning we moved the application to share data with Facebook, the social network company that owns. To the concern of many, you indicate how avoid WhatsApp to share …

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Facebook can access our telephone number of WhatsApp


Facebook is the owner of WhatsApp for two years, the social network has been criticized many times for intruding in an application that although it belongs does not benefit so closely. There are many who have predicted that he would end up disappearing in favour of alternatives of the social …

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Now you can share GIF animated on WhatsApp


Was a function that took much time waiting for and that is had left see in previous versions of the beta within them files that make up the application. But it has not been until now when we have seen finally in action the function share GIF cartoon at WahtsApp. …

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WhatsApp Web calls and sending audio files are already underway


Yesterday I had a new feature of WhatsApp which had revealed the web of translations of the messaging application. This revealed to us that future WhatsApp will show us the chats that we use most frequently. Now have known also thanks to the translation of the application, in this case …

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WhatsApp will show the chats that you use more frequently


WhatsApp still working on improvements that will facilitate us use the application every day. If the past weekend we told you that they were working on an official chat that would send all kinds of official notifications to the application users, such as events or developments of WhatsApp, today we …

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Saves a whole conversation of WhatsApp in a single screenshot


Today it is common to see how daily send a lot of messages through the messaging client most widely used throughout the world: WhatsApp. These conversations can be totally irrelevant or hide important information private, so for reasons of safety the Messenger client stores coded form the talks so they …

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