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How to avoid WhatsApp to share your data with Facebook

WhatsApp today announced its first update of the policy in four years and, as it is normal, not liked to users. This morning we moved the application to share data with Facebook, the social network company that owns. To the concern of many, you indicate how avoid WhatsApp to share your data with Facebook.

Curiously, while the application of messaging has added features such as the encryption of end to end, avoiding that any Snooper can have access to your data private, the company announces through its new terms and conditions that will share them data of them users with the company that acquired WhatsApp by 19,000 million of dollars in 2014.

This means that the two services will share user data such as the phone number, as well as other types of content.

If you’re one of the many users concerned about this problem of privacy, WhatsApp gives the ‘option’ to users reject these new terms and conditions within a period of 30 days since they renewed or accept the application. Then we reveal how avoid WhatsApp to share your data with Facebook.

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Avoid WhatsApp to share your data with Facebook

In accordance with the privacy policy of the instant messaging application, if you want to avoid that WhatsApp shares your data with Facebook simply must Access the terms and the privacy policy of the service by clicking on the word “Reads” highlighted in blue (pictured on the red box) when you receive the message with the updating of the terms of service.

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Once inside the new window we opened, we uncheck the box to reject WhatsApp to share our data with Facebook. If you have accepted the conditions, you have 30 days to change your mind accessing the same window from the menu “account” available within the configuration of WhatsApp (an option that will be shown to receive the new terms and conditions of the messaging service).

The application will continue to run normally even if we desmarquemos this box. And is that, as many of you can guess, always there will be some data that are used by Facebook for, according to indicate their responsible, “help to improve the systems of infrastructure and delivery, understand the use of our services, protect them systems;” and combat infringing activities”.

WhatsApp is committed to not share the content of emails of users and companies will not be able to access to our personal information, but living in the year 2016… do we trust these words?

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