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It solves the problems of storage in the Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime

The Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime is a low range which has base with 8 GB of internal storage. This space, half, or more, as in the case of this model, it is reserved for the operating system and native manufacturer applications, which are not few. In this way, when the user takes control of own Android Launcher, only it has about 3 GB to install applications and save data.

Taking into account the large number of files that are now shared through WhatsApp (which easily pass the 100 or 200 megabytes) or applications such as Google Chrome or Facebook which, in addition to occupy quite generate a large amount of cache and temporary files, as normal is that, as use it enough, we’ll quickly without available storage space. We must also take into account that Android always keeps a number of emergency storage, so if you turn on your phone have 3.5 GB free, and below 1 GB Android blocks the installation of applications, this and other manufacturers, not what put us anything easy.

Luckily, with a simple basic maintenance and resorting to a card micro-SD, is possible to reduce the impact of this lack of internal storage space. Then, we leave a manual where you explain how to solve storage problems and error message “storage space is not enough” on the Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime.

Has arrived the time of stop of manufacture smartphones with 8 GB of space of storage as the Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime?

When we look for a mobile phone each person tends to look for specific characteristics, for example, having a good memory RAM, a good processor speed, that has an updated version of Android, etc, but one of the aspects that are less taken into account, especially when looking for an economical and low end phone, it is storage space.

It is true that with the rise of cloud storageand data connections, they are increasingly the manufacturers that decide to cut costs and promote that users to save their data, for example, Google Drive. Without embargo, not only the personal data like photos, videos and music occupy space, but own applications occupy, sometimes a few hundred megs once installed, so, if we install several, quickly we will see how our space to be exhausted is reduced.

With Android 2.3 Gingerbread, for more than 6 years, 8 GB of internal storage were more than enough for a user environment, however, in the 2017, and taking into account that both Android and applications increasingly occupy more, nowadays any phone with less than 16 GB of internal memory will be, in the short term, storage problems , even though we try to mitigate that problem by using a memory card micro-sd to move applications and save data, counting on our phone is compatible.

Do you think that 8 GB of storage are nowadays insufficient for any Android?

The article solves storage in Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime issues was published in MovilZona.

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