Sunday , September 25 2016

A new mobile Xiaomi’s mid-range passes through the Tena


When all eyes are on the Conference which has invited Xiaomi to on September 27, this week, where expected the presentation of the new Xiaomi Mi5s or My Note 2, and even both at the same time, today we have known the existence of a new mobile Xiaomi. It has …

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Ultimate Guitar Tabs: combines learning and music on your tablet


On other occasions, I have mentioned that the education sector has undergone major changes in recent years at the hands of tablets and smartphones. The incorporation of these supports in the classroom, has been accompanied by the possibility of training more personalized in dozens of fields thanks to the multitude …

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Comparative speed of 7 against the 6s iPhone iPhone


While increasingly is further the presentation of iPhone 7, the prominence of the new terminal of the Cupertino remains very, and proof of this are still different tests to which is being tested to measure the true upgrades that it offers us with respect to its predecessor. It is the …

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Change the course of history in your tablet with World at War


When we talk about new games for tablets and smartphones, we have emphasized those taken from the great sagas of literary or cinematographic works. However, the story is also a recurrent source for developers of thousands of titles, either from those of RPG and strategy which, despite having elements of …

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“Spectacles” are Snapchat which are connected to the mobile


Although we are not talking about a new mobile phone or smartwatch, these glasses have a direct link with our mobile element because they have been created to interact exclusively with Snapchat at our terminal. Makes some months already hear certain rumors that pointed to the signs was developing their …

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Installs the recovery TWRP and click root Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Android is the mobile operating system most used around the world, however, although it is much more open and permissive than its rival, iOS, for safety, Google has blocked access to certain critical elements of the system so that, usually users not accessing them, for example, to the internal files …

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How to install TWRP and make root a Samsung Galaxy Note 7


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the latest flagship of the manufacturer. Despite some isolated problems that this device has been found, it is one of the most powerful on the market currently and that better takes advantage of the potential offered by Android. However, the operating system is, by nature, …

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