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They carry the 3 OnePlus OxygenOS ROM for the Xiaomi Mi5

The world of the Scene does not stop and moves as well as the imagination of developers who promote it. Such is the case of a new project that is to move own OnePlus 3 operating system one of the most desired smartphones earlier this year, the Xiaomi Mi5. As we can see, it is possible to enjoy OxygenOS based on Android Marshmallow in the Xiaomi Mi5.

The first OnePlus, OnePlus One, earned a great reputation in the sector by incorporating the commercial version of CyanogenMod as operating system. We speak of Cyanogen OS, a compiled ROM from scratch based on the source code for Android. However, the project did not end in good port and the manufacturer had to look for an alternative. That alternative was to design and build its own operating system that he created the OnePlus 2 and ultimately the OnePlus 3. Either way, Hydrogen OS and OxygenOS have been adapted to circumstances offering a personalized user experience.Interfaz del Port con OxygenOS para el Xiaomi Mi5

How to enjoy OnePlus Hydrogen OS on any Android phone

A new radical look to the Xiaomi Mi5

So as to attract the eyes of developers, who have already gotten hand OnePlus 3 to extract your firmware and adapt it to other models. The first that comes, at least in testing phase, is the Xiaomi Mi5. The truth is that the project has its appeal since the owner of Xiaomi model undergoes a fairly prominent change with firmware modified and adapted. And it is that interface MIUI passed to OxygenOS. The launcher, colors, icons, menus all… changes radically.Interfaz de OxygenOS del OnePlus 3

OnePlus 3 receives an update that will optimize the video 4K recording

Downloading and installing the ROM H2O2

To install the ROM, which is currently in testing phase, you only have to download the corresponding firmware OnePlus 3 from this directory. Then, unzip the file and place it in the root directory then execute the command from the terminal command line. Complete you can find the instructions at this link.

Although not be have reported failures highlights, the developer indicates that with this ROM the chip NFC not works.

Article manage to carry the ROM OxygenOS of the Xiaomi Mi5 OnePlus 3 was published in MovilZona.

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