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Play Solitaire or the 3 in a row directly from Google is now possible

If yesterday same we announced that both Android and iOS will soon receive Microsoft Solitaire Collection, a day after is Google who announces that already jugar Solitaire may be from their own Chrome browser or Google application for mobile phones. And it does not come alone, since you can also try their luck in the classic 3 in a row playing against the AI of the company.

In his search by make of his application of search a place of entertainment without end, Google has added another trick fun for pass the time facing the screen of our smartphone. Through commands Solitaire or Tic-Tac – Toe (also works in Spanish, by entering “Solitaire” or “3 in a row”) will be able to run these games and play from the search results without having to install external applications.

Remember that these not are them unique “Easter Egg” that can find is in them results of search of Google, since without go more away, when not have of connection of data in your smartphone, can take some racing with the famous dinosaur of the company while waits to recover the connection.

3 en raya google

Play Solitaire or the 3 in a row from Google

Simply by performing a search using the Chrome browser for Android or iOS, or from own Google search app can play the 3 in a row. introduces “Tic-Tac-Toe” or “3 in raya” and then is you will open the classic panel of game in which will have that fight against the IA of Google to beat in the split. You can change the difficulty of the game by selecting easy, medium or impossible, but you can also play against a friend all the rounds you want.

However, the jewel in the Crown is to be able to play Solitaire, one of the most famous games for any operating system, without installing anything, directly from the search results. “Solitaire” or “Solitaire” is inserted into the search field will be shown a card , by clicking on it, we will be a version of the game fullscreen. Simply choose the difficulty and choose the game.

Unfortunately, while the 3 in a row game works perfectly, it seems that play Solitaire is not so easy after the first few minutes in which this “trick” of Google has been discovered. We have run it a couple of times (specifically using the command “Play Solitaire”), but the rest of attempts have been infructusosos, probably because of the avalanche of users. Hope that in the coming hours the problem is solved and can play to the solitary directly from Google without greater problem.

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