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Already you can send GIFs by WhatsApp in his last beta

The function to send GIFs by WhatsApp that is present for all those who have installed the application on Android beta has finally arrived, although it could activate and was hidden.

Finally have arrived the images animated to the application of messaging more used. Soon you will see how your talks of moving images are filled when everyone begins to occur that they can send GIFs by WhatsApp for as easy as sending a photograph.

como enviar gifs por whatsapp

New section to send GIFs for WhatsApp in the Gallery

And it is that among the options we have to send a picture, as well as photos and videos in the gallery already appears a third option where you can select the GIFs that you have saved in your mobile and send it to your friends.

enviar gifs en whatsapp

We repeat, the option is displayed only for those who have the Beta version of WhatsApp, but no problem for surprised your friends to send a GIFs by WhatsApp because although they may not send it, yes you will see it.

Even the animated images appear also on WhatsApp website but with a particularity, that on this platform we see is they will only move if we pass the mouse over.

gifs en whatsapp web

Since WhatsApp Web is to have it in the computer, not is wrong that have since this form of control which can seem our screen in the work, for example. If you ask you, no, WhatsApp Web you can not send GIFs yet or he is not permitted from the “official” mobile app.

The GIFs in the beta and the stickers at the official

And it is that today was the day that the stickers and the tools to draw the Snapchat style in WhatsApp photos reach their official app, as I have told a few hours ago and long you desvel√°bamos when they were in the test version.

Again, it is as simple as opening a photo and you will see all the editing options that have the photos at the top and if you is not clear, here also with a video in which when they were not yet available for all, we told you how to use this new tool.

It seems WhatsApp gets more and more a day acting against its rivals, while still has a long journey starting with video calls or ending with the games than yesterday same arrived at Telegram and Google Allo has launch, as they can also enjoy on Facebook Messenger.

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