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It’s over, accept the conditions of WhatsApp or stop using it

The term given to accept the new terms and conditions of WhatsAppis now fulfilled. On the mobile phones of many users who had not done so is already appearing notice to, inevitably, to accept them or, simply, we never use our account anymore.

It is likely that throughout the day, if you have not done so already, you the following screen will appear that will prevent you from entering your WhatsApp account. And is that by virtue of the paragraph 7 of the contract that have by using WhatsApp, or them accept or not is can continue using the application.

The new conditions of WhatsApp make that share your information with Facebook

Jorge Morell, of the blog terms and conditions, very recently, clarified us all the points about the new conditions of WhatsApp demanded we accept today, if we want to continue to use the application.

Will I lose all my conversations whatsapp if I disagree?

As not said even the company in this regard but, for the moment, what happens in practice is that the message with the new conditions of WhatsApp appears who has to go through the hoop to get back into their chats.

pantalla de términos y condiciones de whatsapp

I.e., if we want to recover our conversations there is us again to accept the new terms and conditions, and once we accept them, have already given consent for Facebook also have our data of WhatsApp. So although then want give us of low of the service, already the van to have and there will be that request to Facebook that them delete (something that also carries a certain time and not is clear how can request is).

Why not out me notice?

There are two reasons why can not have left the notice. The first is because as you accepted the new terms and conditions the last weeks, even if the option to find it was hidden and legally poorly presented, as you pointed out we Morell.

The second, because you’ve made you an account in the last 30 days, which would already come with the already accepted new terms and conditions to operate the tool.

Regardless of the situation, as all this fine print of apps expert reminded us: “WhatsApp came to say, you have until September 26 to think if you allow your profile data are used to show ads customized Facebook. Nothing more. If you want to use the service, yes or Yes you will have to accept the conditions.”based on the above point 7 which reads as well”“If you do not agree to our terms and as amended, you must stop using our services.”

The article is over, accepts the conditions of WhatsApp or stop using it was published in MovilZona.

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