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How to invite a group of WhatsApp by sending a link

Is the new function that has appeared in WhatsApp, specifically in the beta of the application for Android that already us allows make something that is had announced makes time, invite to contacts that come in a Group of Whatsapp sending a link.

While this function us smells, and more after the change in them terms and conditions of the application, to us van to begin to get enough invitations of companies for us unite to their groups- and this, is can see as advertising while in WhatsApp said that never it would do-.

Either way, if you have WhatsApp Beta on Android you can send invitations to your friends to join a group with a simple link and it works as you see here in this video showing all the steps.

Steps to send a link to a group of WhatsApp

To begin with, it is necessary to have a group of which you are administrator, since only this figure is that can create the link with which you can invite others. Then, them steps are as simple as is can see, there is that press in “Add participant”, and in that time we are going to them options and see which says “invite to the group with a link”. Click on it and we have all the options: we can see the link, we can copy it, send WhatsApp or other forms that exist for

pantallas enlaces grupos whatsapp

On the other hand, this link can then be shared by anyone, so while it is active, anyone using it can join WhatsApp group in question. That itself, as administrators have the Pan by the handle since if see that the thing is out of hand, will be so simple as cancel the link that have created for that Group of WhatsApp and all which is have sent will leave of work.

pantallas enlaces grupos whatsapp

How can see also, you can print the QR of the group from the same mobile. Again, an option that more to send it friends seems destined to settlements that now, without doubt, will fill its window displays these codes in order to be connected to their customers by the most direct method that there is right now, the WhatsApp.

The question is dofor groups of WhatsApp QR codes will succeed where almost all attempts have failed in this sense of promoting links in this way? Is a question that you moved.

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