Saturday , June 6 2020
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New hoax of WhatsApp: Paracetamol with Machupo virus

For a long time that did not appear a WhatsApp hoax, even though many thought that the famous drawing of Nico was part of a new Hoax in instant messaging app. However in the last hours has begun to spread a message that warns of the presence of the Machupo …

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How to tell who has viewed your WhatsApp status

Since reach new States of WhatsApp application of instant messaging, there are many users who have positioned themselves for and against the new function. However, not all of them are able to know who has seen your WhatsApp status. You indicate the source of this problem and as The article …

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It activates the ancient States of WhatsApp on your mobile Android

Lately, WhatsApp is on everyone’s lips. We have seen how the new States of WhatsApp was one of the most important news, but today, going to teach how to activate ancient States of WhatsApp on your mobile Android. WhatsApp has been recently changing enough things in the application. We saw …

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Can I use WhatsApp in the Nokia 3310?

We have already seen that there will be a renewal of the old Nokia 3310, which we will try to see what such has been our experience with it, but today, we are going to tell if it can be WhatsApp in the Nokia 3310, it will be one of …

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The old States of WhatsApp will return with another name

This week has been very moved for the company of Facebook, since they left the new States of WhatsApp that both stir have caused. With this news, we can see that normal States have disappeared, but today, we see that these former States of WhatsApp will return with another name. …

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Netflix and day, new hooks WhatsApp and social networking scams


WhatsApp scams follow a cyclic path, when it seems that everyone is aware of them and has learned to ignore them, reappear stronger that never using different hooks. It has already happened in the past with the scam of Burger King and recent hooks WhatsApp scams and social networks are …

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Members of the groups of WhatsApp can locate you by GPS


A controversial new feature is on the way to WhatsApp, and something tells us that it will not be to the liking of most users of the instant messaging application. According to reports the channel WABetainfo through your has of Twitter, after the latest updates of the service them members …

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You can now send up to 30 images for WhatsApp in iPhone


Since there is the possibility of exchanging multimedia files by the application of mensajernia, there are many users who have criticized the limitation to 10 images that can be sent through WhatsApp at the same time. Now iOS users say goodbye to this limit, because they already can send up …

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How to create fake WhatsApp chats and other messaging applications


There are occasions in which motivated by boredom or resentment want to spend a joke to our contacts being WhatsApp the principal means to do so. In this article we collect different apps Android free to create false on WhatsApp chats and simulate perfectly the application of instant messaging chats. …

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