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Netflix and day, new hooks WhatsApp and social networking scams

WhatsApp scams follow a cyclic path, when it seems that everyone is aware of them and has learned to ignore them, reappear stronger that never using different hooks. It has already happened in the past with the scam of Burger King and recent hooks WhatsApp scams and social networks are now Netflix and day. We explain what.

Many of these WhatsApp scams or Phishing cases located on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks (in addition to the mail, of course) know them thanks to the work of the national police, who through their different profiles in networks us alert of this type of suspicious activities more often. On this occasion, alert us of a new case of Phishing related to Netflix, and a ripoff of WhatsApp that ensures that your purchase in supermarkets of the day chain can jump completely free.

The scam of Netflix

Campaigns of Phishing that employ Netflix as bait are not anything new. Already in the summer of last year began to appear the first false Netflix post that pointed to some kind of problem with our payment method encouraging us to click on a link to update our personal information. Of course it is a clear case of impersonation that, as alert security forces, again with slight variations.

netflix hoax

Detect such scams on WhatsApp, e-mail or social networks is simple, it is enough to check the wording of the text, as in almost all cases they contain typos or meaningless phrases that would never come from an original source. In this case just look at the end of the text where you can “read” clearly “this message was sent by email automatically by Netflix in routine security checks… upgrade your account to continue using our services uniterrupted” (sic).

The scam of the day

Another of the “hoax” which have reappeared in the last hours have been more distributed through the application of WhatsAppMessenger. The scam or fraud in question encouraged to carry out a survey to win 200 euros in the day chain, but again, as you can read in the text, the false clues are to be found to read “Day is spreading in Spain”.

And… the donkey back to wheat! You already like the compra🛍 to come out you gratis🆓… But they just want your personal data. #NoPiques 📨👮🏻

-National Police (@policia) January 26, 2017

Of course, common sense is the best weapon to combat these scams WhatsApp and social networks that only seek to achieve the greatest possible number of users to get their private data. In case of receiving such messages on your smartphone, we recommend to get in touch with the national police through the various channels available to contact them. This is the best way to verify that we are not being a possible victim of any of these criminal acts.

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