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Members of the groups of WhatsApp can locate you by GPS

A controversial new feature is on the way to WhatsApp, and something tells us that it will not be to the liking of most users of the instant messaging application. According to reports the channel WABetainfo through your has of Twitter, after the latest updates of the service them members of them groups of WhatsApp may locate you by GPS.

Messaging applications and privacy have never ended to get along. We have the latest test in the possible existence of a backdoor in an application that can force the generation of new encryption keys without the transmitter or the receiver are aware of it, exposing their conversations to third parties.

Now it seems that, according to the intermediate-specialist in advance of future updates to WhatsApp, a new change in the application would allow members of groups of WhatsApp locate us beyond where we are thanks to the use of the location of our smartphone via GPS. iOS | 2.16.399 + Android: Live Location feature, that tracks the location of other group live participants (DISABLED BY DEFAULT).

-WABetaInfo (@WABetaInfo) January 26, 2017

GPS on WhatsApp groups

It is not the first time that the use of GPS is associated with the instant messaging application, but it is the first time that there is a threat to our privacy that would be exposed via WhatsApp groups.

We are sure that on more than one occasion you’ve needed to help a friend or family member to your location, or simply you searched for giving instructions on how to reach a certain direction using this useful function to share location that has been present in the property of Facebook application since time immemorial.

Now it seems that the next update of WhatsApp will go a step beyond revealing the participants of the groups where we are every moment. The next versions of the app for iOS and Android released a new option within the groups of WhatsApp to share the location with the rest of the members. In this way will unveil our position for 1, 2 or 5 minutes or permanently.

grupos whatsapp

The location would be displayed in real time and any participant in one of the group chats you can meet our routes from versions version 2.16.399 and later of the messaging application. Fortunately, as is the case with other functions, this option also may be turned off to keep your privacy safe.

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