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You can now send up to 30 images for WhatsApp in iPhone

Since there is the possibility of exchanging multimedia files by the application of mensajernia, there are many users who have criticized the limitation to 10 images that can be sent through WhatsApp at the same time. Now iOS users say goodbye to this limit, because they already can send up to 30 images by WhatsApp on iPhone.

Precisely it week last desvelábamos as the users of Android could send more than 10 images simultaneously by WhatsApp thanks to the beta of the application available for the system operating of Google. Now this same possibility comes to them devices iOS before formalize it in Android.

As already it was rumored, version 2.17.1 whatsapp for iPhone lets you send up to 30 images at once, leaving behind the above limitation. In this way you can exchange all the images that are over you more easily, not forgetting that the messaging application reduces (and much) the quality of the multimedia items sent through the service owned by Facebook.

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No less important than the ability to send up to 30 images for WhatsApp in iPhone is the possibility of integrating the messaging with Siri application, thus all users of iOS can dictate messages to the virtual assistant of Apple to leave them on the verge of being sent through the app more downloaded from history.

Sending messages offline

In addition to sending up to 30 images for WhatsApp in iPhone, the instant messaging application update leaves us other minor news, but equally interesting for all those who use WhatsApp from iOS devices.

With version 2.17.1 whatsapp you can now press the button send message when you don’t have a connection to the Internet. Differently from what was happening so far, all messages sent offline will remain pending and will be sent when the phone again to retrieve the connection to the network of more than similar to what happens in Android.

Update the messaging application also leaves us a redesign of screen’s use of data and storage that makes it easier for the user to manage the space available on the smartphone screen. Now on the iPhone, you can delete some messages and specific video chats using the “Storage usage” menu you’ll find within the WhatsApp settings.

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