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How to save battery on smartphones with AMOLED displays

The years pass and mobile phones are becoming better. We see how they have started to include almost professional cameras, increasingly more powerful a processor that can with almost everything, but there is a problem that can be traced in all mobile phones, the battery. Today you ensenamos how save battery on smartphones, should have screen AMOLED.

Already I have brought quite a few tricks to save your battery. We have seen that the latest update of the operating system from Google, Android 7.0 Nougat, brings a better energy management in Doze mode, making each time, the hours display us dieses our mobile. In tricks to manage Android 7 battery, we saw how to manage this way that we have spoken and other batteryproblems, but if you is not enough, here we teach you more ways to do it if you have a mobile AMOLED.

An application or a wallpaper can save battery power on your mobile

We are going to bring an application very useful to save battery on smartphones. In this case only works for AMOLEDscreens, these screens technology allowing us to turn off pixels when they interpret the color black. Other screens that we see in mobile, the IPS, can not turn off pixels wishing.

The first thing we are going to comment that a mode to save battery life is to put a night mode, like the one included by default in the layer of customization of OnePlus, OxygenOS. Apart from this, if you put a black wallpaper, this will make little by little, having more pixels off the screen. This method can be very home, but in every day we will notice a small difference. But now we are going to talk about an application that really helps a lot to this consumption, and is called PixOff.

ahorrar bateria

This application is free but has a paid version. In the images of above, the of the left and the right, is activated the mode filter for save battery. In person, not appreciate those stripes vertical that leave, but simply see the brightness of the colors black more baths. The free version allows us to save up to 50% battery, while the paid version reaches 90% of the battery.

When we have the application installed, if we slide the notification down bar, we can see a notification in which we can deactivate and activate the filter whenever we want. Also see that has a kind of mode pocket, promising us that when the mobile is mouth down or is against a surface that prevents see the screen, the screen of the mobile is off.

You can customize the application, rather deciding on what level to apply, when apply and how, by setting the pattern that you like. The patron, at the end of the day, we just not noticing, though sometimes of light we can see it.

We can say that Yes, this app does work to save battery power, but not as much as we imagined. In our case, the phone we tested has been the Nexus 6 p, which has AMOLEDscreen, and have noticed that it has given us a little more than hours of screen.

This application is almost useless mobile IPS displays, but from the application, promise us that also improve the battery, although to a lesser extent than in AMOLED screens. Without a doubt, this application will solve the response of many of how save battery on smartphones with AMOLED screen. Another trick to save battery in sometimes extreme is configure the mode energy in your mobile so yes run. From here we encourage you to make you try all these tips so that you improve your battery.

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