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WhatsApp will show the chats that you use more frequently

WhatsApp still working on improvements that will facilitate us use the application every day. If the past weekend we told you that they were working on an official chat that would send all kinds of official notifications to the application users, such as events or developments of WhatsApp, today we have known that in the future it could show us in grouped shape chats that we use most frequently. And once again we have achieved it thanks to the translation of the app service.

Just like WhatsApp beta is one of the best ways to learn about innovations that will introduce the application in the future, the website which serves to translate into different languages the menus of the app is also a great source of this type of information.


The chats that you use most on WhatsApp

All occurs to us that we use more determined chats than others, whether they are our best friends, groups of family or for other reasons, of the dozens of chat rooms that we can have open, are only a handful that we use most. And although WhatsApp orders each chat in chronological order according to the messages have been received, it seems that in the future also could appear grouped shape which we use most frequently. At least that is what reveals us the image you can see attached, and that clearly the appointment of “Chat FAQ” can be seen that as you can see is the product of the translation of Frequent Chats.

whatsapp chats frecuentes

Functions to be implemented in the future usually pass through this web of translation of WhatsApp so that when you reach the final version is displayed correctly is the language that is, in this case the Spanish. We know how that could be implemented this option, although the most logical thing would be that they were a new tab within the menu with different chat rooms where chats that we use most frequently are grouped.

Normally a large percentage of the chats we have open carry inactive weeks or months, and this new option is to eliminate distractions of this type and only show the chats that we use. Anyway this option even seen it in the beta, so it could be still in a very early stage of development, we will see how it evolves in the future to be implemented in the final version.

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