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Facebook can access our telephone number of WhatsApp

Facebook is the owner of WhatsApp for two years, the social network has been criticized many times for intruding in an application that although it belongs does not benefit so closely. There are many who have predicted that he would end up disappearing in favour of alternatives of the social network, something that today is quite unlikely. Although the information that we have known today sure that whatsapp -users don’t like that they want to keep distance between the messaging app and the social network.

In a connected of the blog official of WhatsApp the application of messaging has announced that is have updated them terms of service and the political of privacy by first in the last four years. According to the statement, this will help “prove alternatives of communication between users and merchants in the coming months”.

Access to our phone number on WhatsApp

Is without a doubt the change more controversial, one that will allow to the network social know our number of phone. One of the paragraphs of the statement reads as follows “as a subsidiary company of Facebook, in the coming months we will begin to share information that will allow us to coordinate better and thus improve the experience between services. This is a practice typical between companies that are acquired by others“this is the educated and legal form of tell us that the network social may access to the number of phone of all them users that use WhatsApp and others statistics of use generated by these in the app of messaging.”

acuerdo de privacidad whatsapp

To dispel doubts on what will share both companies, the release says that “Although working together with Facebook in them next months, your messages encrypted will continue being private and nobody more may read them.” Neither WhatsApp, or Facebook, or no more. ” We will not publish or share WhatsApp with other numbers, including Facebook, nor will we sell, share or give your phone number to owner”.


He connected of WhatsApp removes iron to any hypothesis of that can verse committed them data of them users of WhatsApp and shared with the network social, insist much in this aspect with phrases as these “nothing of what share in WhatsApp, including your messages, photos, and information of profile, will be shared in Facebook or in any of them applications subsidiaries of Facebook so others them see”. As usually say is are lentils, and if want to continue using it must accept yes or Yes them new terms legal and of privacy.

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