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Saves a whole conversation of WhatsApp in a single screenshot

Today it is common to see how daily send a lot of messages through the messaging client most widely used throughout the world: WhatsApp. These conversations can be totally irrelevant or hide important information private, so for reasons of safety the Messenger client stores coded form the talks so they can only be reviewed on the device and with our account and in case of theft or loss, are not to be recovered. However, this can be a nuisance if what we want is to save a conversation (or part of it) to share with other people.

WhatsApp offers by default an option called “send chat mail” that generates a file in plain text .txt with all the conversation so that we can share it with other people. Read a conversation in text mode, however, is something quite annoying, and also can be modified easily, the remainder you credibility.

One of the ways used to share and save conversations is using varias screenshots, however, if the conversation is very long it is possible that we have to take and share many catches, making it difficult to read.

Stitch & Share is a free application that lets you create a unique vertical screenshot uniting several individual captures in a clever way so that everything seems a single screenshot.

Then, we leave a complete manual on the use of this tool to save a whole conversation of WhatsApp in an image.

A conversation to capture entire on WhatsApp in an image

To save an entire WhatsApp conversation into a single image facilitates reading and backup

To use this application, the first thing we must do is to take several screenshots of all the conversation that you want to convert in a single capture. Once we already have all the screen shots, run the application and load them in it so, thanks to their comparison algorithms, be able to know where they match images and mount them so that all the screenshot looks like a single.

Guardar o compartir conversación de WhatsApp en una captura

Although the algorithms that use Stitch & Share are quite accurate, the program can do that any capture not coincide 100% with the previous one, by what, in that case, before generating the final capture can make these small adjustments.

A time mounted it captures complete, the program us will leave share it with other people or save it in the storage internal, facilitating notably the task of reading and serving us, also, as copy of security of the same.

Ever have you missed save a conversation of complete WhatsApp in an image?

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