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Now you can share GIF animated on WhatsApp

Was a function that took much time waiting for and that is had left see in previous versions of the beta within them files that make up the application. But it has not been until now when we have seen finally in action the function share GIF cartoon at WahtsApp. The latest version of the beta implements this function that is very simple of carry to out. Then we will see how this option in beta WhatsApp and how we can share GIF animations from the application. Although WhatsApp arrives late to the cake of the GIF if we compare it with other opponents that allow it for some time, as they say better late that never for the messaging application, in this latest version of the beta Gets a little more to this popular file format. Rather than sharing GIF animated, WhatsApp now allows us to create them from a video, so at the moment no we can share them directly from our photo gallery.

How sharing GIF animated on WhatsApp?

As we say allowing us to make the latest beta of WhatsApp does not share GIF that you have stored on the phone, but it allows you to create videos that you have recorded them. To create the animated GIF have to enter in the chat where we want to share it and press the button to attach documents, in this case click on the camera and recorded a video. Once have recorded the video and appears the screen of preview, can choose a portion of the footage, will be then when press on the icon of the camera that appears in the part upper right of the screen, that will change automatically to an icon GIF.

crear GIF en WhatsApp

With the GIF icon in this area of the screen we can press send, as if we sent out a video, the receiver of the message will then receive an animated GIF created from the portion of video we selected previously. Of this form so simple is can create GIF animated in WhatsApp, the only problem that you see to this new function is that not is precisely what them users of the app of messaging expected, because many had with to share GIF directly from the Gallery of photos and not only which have created previously.

WhatsApp con icono GIF

In any case is a step from giant to WhatsApp, that of this form is more near implement fully the use of this format of file so popular in the network.

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