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Tab technical alive V3Max a phone with system operating Android (in this case version 5.1) that offers a finished in metal and, therefore, is attractive. COmpatible with networks LTE, this model is quite full and, therefore, an option for all the public that meets in the day to day.

the cameras that are of the split in the terminal are quite correct, with a sensor of 13 megapixel the main that, indeed, records to 1080 p and has of PDAF. The front is of 8 Mpx, by which complies with those selfies. In what is refers to the battery, such and hows e sees in the tab technical live V3Max, the integrated is of 3,000 mAh, to which not you lack recharge fast compatible with Quick Charge.

This model is a Snapdragon 652 of eight cores, which is compatible with 64-bit architecture and working at a high frequency. Its interior includes a very capable GPU Adreno 510, which do not have major problems when it comes to running games. The RAM is one of the best details seen on live V3Max sheet, since it reaches 4 GB, a very respectable figure.

Most of the live V3Max Datasheet

Storage is one of the sections that are well-maintained in the terminal, since there are 64 GB of space, which is an amount that is fine and usual in the high-end product (or missing option to extend it through the use of microSD card). In it reference to the connectivity as is sees in the tab technical live V3Max, not there is big news and it certain is that is complies with the record. A detail, that Yes: has this device of radio FM.

The display includes a panel IPS of 5.5 inch, by what not at odds in the universe Android. The resolution is of 1080 p, by what the density of pixels is above the 300 ppp. I.e., that fits perfectly and has the virtue of having a finished 2.5 d, what increases your attractive. A model full, HOWTOs and appreciated in the tab technical live V3Max, and that can be a good option of purchase.

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