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Finally the LG G6 could incorporate a removable battery

Already started to listen different news about them possible features that will give shape to the LG G6 that know, if all continues its course normal, in the next MWC 2017 of Barcelona. All the information that surround to the terminal point that the new ship logo not will be modular, after the warm reception of the LG G5 from the public.

However there is a feature that will remain unchanged between both models of the company, according to can read in the Middle Korea Herald. According to an article of recent publication LG would be thinking in keep the format of battery removable in the LG G6 by reasons related with the “security and performance”.

To nobody is le escapes that this could be a reference direct to them problems with them batteries of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, a problem suffered by the manufacturer that would have led to LG to allow replace the batteries of your next terminal star of way easy and simple where the component submit some type of problem. Logically it is easier (and less expensive) to replace a battery in vz having to replace or repair a phone completely.

Possible news of LG G6

The Korea Herald also reiterated in a couple of previous rumours appeared on the network which claim that the new LG G6 would integrate a scanner of iris that would be integrated into the front-facing camera, in addition to LG Pay (the own system of mobile payment from LG, which presumably will be announced next year). Also States that the flagship of the company for 2017 could bring “new features” never seen on a LG terminal, but not further information regarding this is available.


What is more secure is that LG G6 known officially in just over 3 months will change radically as seen on the LG G5, a terminal that has not been the success they expected from the bowels of the company. For this reason, although present a removable battery, it is more than likely that we will find a more classic and less-modular phone.

It may be that we are closer to see a successor of LG V20 rather than the heir of the LG G6, but it will not be until the end of February when we have official confident of what you are working on LG.

The article finally LG G6 could incorporate a removable battery was published in MovilZona.

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