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OnePlus in Black Friday discounts and offers

One of the most popular firms could not miss your appointment with the Black Friday. Let’s meet some offers of OnePlus on Black Friday , focusing especially on brand accessories line. And it is that their terminals have not practically discount. In any case we will review what offer us in OnePlus on Black Friday, though I already warned of you don’t get too many illusions.

OnePlus changed strategy for the first time this year, with the launch of a second “Flagship Killer”, having launched the OnePlus 3, since as we have been able to learn a few weeks ago, since the signing they finished the year with the OnePlus 3T featuring the new processor Snapdragon 821. Of which have known even that could count on a new version of green color.

Discounts of OnePlus in the Black Friday

In what more US interests, them terminals of the signs, not there is practically news in these offers of the Black Friday, since both the Oneplus 3 as the 3T continue to the same price of always. And for the OnePlus 2 can do us with it by 318 euros, a price that is a euro lower to which had it week last, and in which imagine not has influenced of the Black Friday, of it opposite would be a joke of bad taste. It same occurs with the OnePlus X, that is available by 238 euros, that is practically the price original, a time more discounted a euro, something that no doubt us has confused enough.

OnePlus en el Black Friday

Where does there are offers of truth of OnePlus in the Black Friday is in the accessories. Since we can make us with the Go Home Bundle of the OnePlus 3 or the OnePlus 3T with a 10% of discount, or as in the case of the Essentials Bundle of the OnePlus 3 and 3T that also enjoys of a 10% of discount. Also the charger Dash Power account with a 5% of discount. Them covers that feature with a greater discount are them of the OnePlus, that now are available in different finishes, as Bamboo, Apricot, Kevlar or Rosewood by 18,89 euros, when its price normal is of 26,99 euros.

OnePlus en el Black Friday

Others two of the accessories more used of them OnePlus, as is the adapter USB Type-C or the cable USB Type-C now cost 6.99 euros, when its price normal was of 9,99 euros. All these and more offers of OnePlus for Black Friday will be valid until midnight on the 27th of November. We expected more of the discounts at OnePlus on Black Friday, especially in the concerning to their mobile, where bids are conspicuous by their absence.

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