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New details on the Samsung Galaxy S8 virtual assistant

Earlier this month, Samsung confirmed that it was developing a new Samsung Galaxy S8 virtual assistant, which would not only accommodate brand smartphones, but also many of your other appliances that can be connected through the internet of things. Now we have known new details of this virtual assistant that reveals that there will be both a male voice as female, and that already would know his name, always on the basis of a new patent for the South Korean.

Bixby was the name chosen initially to baptize new Samsung virtual assistant, a name which now will accompany another female in a technology that Samsung has already spoken openly and that is working.

It Assistant virtual of the Samsung Galaxy S8 with voice male and female?

That is what is can extract of the new patent of them South Korean, that have known today, and that not is limit only to the name of Bixby that had known up to now. And is that is has registered the name of Kestra, that could be the equivalent with voice female of Bixby, at least that is with what is speculated. ((Together with the record of Kestra, Samsung also has registered the terms Bix-bee, Bix:) bee, Bix:) by, and Bix-by.

Pantalla curva de un Samsung Galaxy

These patents describe very well the utility of this new service that is developing Samsung “Software to enable the use hands free of the phone through the recognition of voice” so how “software to process commands of voice”. Are going, what usually know as an Assistant virtual, as for example them Siri, Google Assistant or Cortana, that would be the equivalent of this new technology that would see in the Samsung Galaxy S8. With this new patent will see a meaning after these two names chosen by Samsung, Bixby and Kestra.

Pantalla del Samsung Galaxy S8

Since the fans unconditional of Star Trek may recognize in them to the name of Jerome Bixby, related with some chapters of Star Trek, and of Kestra Troi, it sister small of one of them official of the Confederation in the USS Enterprise. In any case what seems clear is that the Assistant virtual of the Samsung Galaxy S8 goes taking form, and that all points to be released in the new Samsung Galaxy S8, in the MWC of Barcelona of the next month of February. We will see if finally will have to the little couple of voices, both of Bixby as of Kestra.

The article new details about the Assistant virtual of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is published at MovilZona.

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