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They reveal much of the technical details of Xiaomi Mi5c

Without a doubt is one of the phones of the moment, the new terminal Xiaomi coming to swell more affordable mid-range and which we are learning every day details. Yesterday I had that there was enough confusion around the processor that would take this terminal, well, after filtering much of Xiaomi Mi5c sheet, it seems that this important aspect of the terminal is a little clearer.

As I said yesterday, we met this Xiaomi Mi5cdetails. Primarily focused on its price, which has fully revealed the vocation of affordable mid-range of this terminal, with very less than 200 euros, which will make it no doubt in one of the most popular handsets of the firm.

More details about the technical details of Xiaomi Mi5c

To the information that met yesterday on the price of this new terminal of Xiaomi, today have known new details about other aspects of your tab technical. In them is again to ensure that the processor of this Xiaomi Mi5c will be manufactured by it own Xiaomi, and not will be a MediaTek as is came speculating, in fact is would be of the known as “Pinecone” that is has seen in different test of performance. This processor would arrive with a speed of 2. 2 GHz. On the other hand one of the aspects more important of this Xiaomi Mi5c would be the of your screen, that will be of 5.5 inches with resolution Full HD of 1920 by 1080 pixels.

ficha técnica del Xiaomi Mi5c

The memory RAM is 3 GB while that internal storage would offer 64 GB, which at the moment is unknown if they will be expandable through microSD cards or not. Also is has filtered the camera of photos that would mount this new Xiaomi, with a sensor back of 12 megapixels, while front would be of 8 megapixel. Also would have NFC connectivity, that although it may not seem it, is not so common in mobile as we would like.

Xiaomi MI5c

No doubt is is of the thickness of the tab technical of the Xiaomi Mi5c, that us allows know that certainly the great novelty that would bring would be the processor of the House. On his presentation, is expected next month of December, some point to 30 this month and others at the first week. In short, everything points to the coming month will be successor to the middle range of the flagship of the 2016, we will see to what extent gives the size if becomes a reality created by the own Xiaomi processor.

The article reveal great part of the tab technical of the Xiaomi Mi5c was published in MovilZona.

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