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The iPhone 7 with 120 euros of discount in the Black Friday of ebay

It became day, the real Black Friday deals are already here and do it in style with one of the most desirable phones for this day of deals, iPhone 7. And it is that we can find it with no less than 120 euros for a discount on Black Friday, a very attractive price for terminal introduced last September by the Cupertino next 7 Plus iPhone. We will see all the details of this offer of Black Friday.

In the days before I had already given some guidelines to find the iPhone more cheap Black Friday, not in vain as we tend to be the most desirable phones, and for this reason I had this week to find the best deals from iPhone.

iPhone 7 with discount on Black Friday

For many is the real Holy Grail of this Black Friday, get the last terminal of Apple priced quite reduced. And that is precisely what offer us today ebay, which sells the iPhone 32 GB, completely free and black only 649 euros 7. A price which has a discount of 120 euros with respect to which we can find today in the Apple store, which for this model is 769 euros. Another point to highlight of this offer is that in addition to be the shipping free is made from Spain, by what it will have in house in time record.

descuento en el Black Friday

This 32GB Black iPhone is the most compact of the iPhone 7 version released this year, and has traditional 4.7-inch screen which is accompanied by the powerful Apple A10 processor, one of the fastest today, if not the fastest according to some performance test. 7 iPhone has arrived with many novelties with respect to its predecessor, as a slightly more powerful battery, as well as a new, cleaner design that carries antennas at the top and bottom ends of the terminal.

iPhone 7 con logotipo de Apple

Also premiered the first button capacitive range, leaving behind the physical Home button and going to one that completely changes your touch, and which also houses the traditional fingerprint reader. But undoubtedly the most important of this iPhone 7 is its exclusivity and the irrepressible desire to many consumers, who will be without a doubt already preparing portfolio to get it at a very interesting price for which we find after this Black Friday that. If you had thought buying an iPhone 7, this surely is the time.

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