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The House of the best phablets of the year, to test video

A couple of weeks ago you were leaving a test with the results that had been obtained lyou best phablets of the year in tests of autonomy, and now comes the time to do the same with other paragraphs which always arouse more interest among users: the camera. But in this case, logically, a ranking where only put competitors in relation to scores in various tests is rather less interesting, when we are sure that we all want is to see with your own eyes how much they give him each one and make your own assessment, so the protagonist is today going to be a test video.

Them phablets to fight for the title to the best camera of 2016

It would be great to be able to access a wider sample of photography and video, with many more devices, but for obvious practical reasons, the video we bring you has been limited to highlight 5 devices that you think more deserve to compete for the title of the phablet with best camera of the year. Of course, here you will see always opinions for all tastes, but seems to us that your selection is quite successful and why we get echo her: Pixel XL, Huawei Matt 9, 7 Plus iPhone, Galaxy S7 Edge (in fact, they refer to the Galaxy S7, but you know that the camera is the same) and LG V20.

pixel xl camara

Although this top 5 is specific to the camera section, in fact, is virtually identical to the general that I have proposed to us this year, with the only exception that we decided to also mention a middle range (the OnePlus 3T) and they have instead added another high-end. The order in which we mentioned them, by the way, is not accidental, because that is how they have placed them in their ranking, which means that they give as a winner to the LGphablet. The good thing is that you yourselves are going to be able to compare photographs and videos made with each of them and decide whether or not you share his assessment.

Simply by giving you another point of view, it is interesting to recall that in one of the most respected rankings of mobile photography, DxO, first place right now is for the Pixel XL (89 points), while in the second we have a triple tie between HTC 10, Galaxy S7 Edge and Xperia X Performance (88 points) and third in anything less than a four-way tie between the Moto X Force Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, the XZ-Xperia or Xperia Z5 (87 points). IPhone 7 stays only slightly behind with 86 points and Matt 9 Huawei and LG V20 followed with 85 points. So if discount smartphones less than 5.5 inches and those of previous years, it seems that the selection of the video would rather follow their criteria.

iPhone 7 Plus rosa

What is your favorite?

In any case, and as we said at the beginning, you do not have to take assessments of any expert with his eyes closed, but that this is the perfect opportunity precisely to draw your own conclusions. The video that we leave is quite extensive, and gives us a Sample large enough pictures and videos with different light conditions, so that material to judge is not going to miss.

And if you are throwing an eye this camera video proof because you are now trying to decide what will be your next phablet (or maybe a gift for a lucky loved in Kings) and you are interested to know more options, I recall again that you have at your disposal also a ranking that best scores achieved in tests of autonomy real and we invite you to that you will take a look at our comparativesection, since have dedicated it a few all the phablets that we have mentioned here, and many others.

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