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Could it be the camera of HTC Ocean Note better than Google Pixel?

Nor surprised to no one if say that 2016 not has been a great year for HTC, who at the beginning of month announced that closed its offices in our country. After several rumors that they claimed that the Taiwanese manufacturer would be looking to sell its mobile division, it seems that the brand is still prepared to continue war in the market.

The company is seeking to regain the confidence of the users by launching at the beginning of year three new smart phones. Their weapons are new smartphones HTC Ocean which is the HTC Ocean Note, that according to the latest leaks could have better camera that Google Pixel, being the most interesting possible 3 terminals.

htc ocean note

According to information revealed by the portal Eprice new HTC Ocean Note will be a smartphone to take into account with specifications which highlights your multimedia system. According to these rumors, the camera of HTC Ocean Note could reach the highscore view into the DXOmark, something that would not be strange if we consider that HTC 10, the current flagship of the brand, remained at the top of the rankings until the arrival of the Google Pixel.

Possible specifications of the HTC Ocean Note

Although there are no specifications or features which support this claim, whips the device production near point that HTC Ocean Note, among other features to provide an incredible camera can achieve maximum scores never before seen in the specialized portal DxOmark, known by analyzing the mm photographic components of the latest smartphones to reach the market.

Currently, Google Pixel has the highest score of DxOmark, but it seems that the camera of HTC Ocean Note could wrest first place.

Other rumors that give shape to the tHTC phone would be the presence of a USB port c-type that would charge and transfer data much more quickly, as well as the disappearance of the audio jack of 3.5 mm, a trend that is becoming more and more common as we have seen in the last Moto Z and the current iPhone Apple 7.

The HTC Ocean Note will be available in 3 different colors, black, white, and blue, but for the moment unknown details such as screen, processor, RAM, battery or storage of the new smartphone from HTC.

The article would be better than the Google Pixel camera of HTC Ocean Note? It was published in MovilZona.

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