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First video and images with the design of the Moto X (2017)

Often end-of-year giving us the Lord @onleaks. After filter does just a few days the possible design of the LG G6, now returns to surprise us showing what would be the first video and images with the design of the Moto X (2017). It is of course not the Smartphone real if not a render based on rumors and leaks surrounding the device.

2016 coming to an end with a flurry of last-minute leaks. Thanks to this we can know in detail the innovations that we will find in phones star of different brands for the coming year. We have the best example in this Moto X (2017), to which we have been keeping track since his fleeting appearance weeks ago and that it would reach the market at the beginning of the coming year to renew the range Moto X 2016.

Actually the image leaked earlier this month of the device would match the new render appeared today in the Moto X (2017)network. Nothing better to check that take a look at the following Gallery with images of the terminal.

Moto X (2017)
Moto X (2017)
Moto X (2017)
Moto X (2017)
Moto X (2017)
Moto X (2017)

A continuous design

The new Moto X 2017 does not break with the aesthetics, lines and forms that give life to the present in the catalogue of Lenovo smartphone. Still the same main Chamber so characteristic of the Moto X 2016 and just beneath the logo of Motorola, which remains unchanged despite the fact that the company was absorbed by Lenovo.

In addition to these images, we have the video with the first render of the Moto X 2017.

Highlight of this concept of the new smartphone from Lenovo the absence of rear pin which, coupled with a slight curvature in the rear panel, would indicate that bike Mods signature will not be compatible with the Moto X (2017). Interestingly, the information obtained by @OnLeaks indicates that the phone will include two “outdated” features that Moto Z dismissed: a microUSB port and a port for headphones.

With a screen of 5.2 inches, is possible that Lenovo us surprised with a great battery in el Moto X of 2017, since the thickness of the smartphone concerning the current range Moto Z would grow ones mm (8.4 mm front 7 mm), what could be a hint of the inclusion of a battery of greater capacity.

The article first video and images with the Moto X (2017) design was published in MovilZona.

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