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Get flash on your mobile you alert notifications WhatsApp

At the end of the day, although it is recommended to restrict them as much as possible to save battery life, is quite common to receive dozens of notifications on our smartphone. Fortunately, there are different applications within Google Play Store that will allow you to filter them, for example by setting your mobile flash to alert notifications WhatsApp.

Although it is quite rare to lose any notification of WhatsApp or another application, there are many ways to check if someone has written you configuring the terminal. Some smartphones have a notification LED that lights up in different colors according to the notification received, but not all phones have this possibility.

This is why, following the strategy of Samsung in some of its smartphones without LED ads, Google’s operating system application store we can find different apps that we alert the WhatsApp notifications or any other app messaging, email or social network using the phone’s camera flash.

In this way the flash becomes an element of reinforcement to know when we have some notification on your mobile and simultaneously serves as a great help for all those users with hearing problems who may lose a notification or call at some point.

Flash Notification for All App

The best app we’ve found that allows you to use the flash to alert notifications WhatsApp or another application is Flash Notification for All App, an application with an interface somewhat outdated but that will allow us to develop our goal with ease. After your download simply have that press the button “SETUP” hosted in the part lower and begin to change the settings of the flash of the mobile.

WP-Appbox: Flash Notification for All App (free, Google Play) →

The first thing is to configure alerts by choosing from 5 different flash flashing modes, even can adjust the number of flashes per second. After you select if you want to activate the flash to alert calls or SMS; Choose turn applications we want to assign this function to avoid losing any of the notifications WhatsApp.

flash whatsapp

Within the “Notification APP” menu you will find all downloaded and installed at the terminal applications that can make use of the flash to alert notifications. Search for WhatsApp, or any other app that you want to add, and ready. You can subsequently select the hours in which you prefer to disable the flash notifications and even enable the battery saving mode so that the application to avoid spending too much energy.

Beam item to flash your mobile you alert notifications WhatsApp is published in MovilZona.

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