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These are the mobile sold 2016 at Amazon

With the 2017 calling to our door touches review all what has given of himself the year 2016 that tomorrow touches to their end. In addition to reviewing the best apps of the year or offer other interesting compilations, then reveal to those who have been the mobile 2016 best-selling in our country through the Amazon online platform.

Surely throw less large ships logo from the best-known manufacturers in our country, but curiously the 3moviles most sold 2016 at Amazon have one thing in common: less than 200 euros. And we all know that to acquire a terminal of interesting features you don’t need to spend a month’s salary.

Motorola Moto G (3rd generation)

Moto G 2015 con carcasas de colores

THE absolute King of sales at Amazon remains the motorbike G 3rd generation, a terminal suitable for all budgets which at the time of writing these lines continues to present an attractive price from 139 euros, thanks to a 30% discount on the official price at Amazon.

Amazon Logo

EUR 136,01 EUR

Huawei P8 Lite

P8 Lite de Huawei en blanco

Closely followed by the Huawei P8 Lite, the smartphone that occupies the second position of the mobile best-selling 2016 at Amazon. Even if you already have his successor in the market (and we get the impression that he will star in this same article oel coming year), Huawei device is one of the best options for anyone looking for a competent and cheap phone. Its current price in the shop is 177 euros, almost 100 euros less than its original cost.

Amazon Logo

EUR 169,99 EUR

Moto G4

diseño moto g4

The successor of bike G 3rd generation closes the podium precisely. Moto G4 came to the market in the middle of year, but that hasn’t stopped you win the third place of the mobile best-selling 2016 Amazon thanks to the excellent work carried out by Lenovo after the acquisition of Motorola. You can currently find the smartphone for 199 euros in the shop.

Amazon Logo

EUR 179,00 EUR

The rest of mobile best-selling 2016 at Amazon belong to Samsung, Google, and BQ. Here you leave the full list with the 10 best-selling mobile at Amazon within our borders:

  1. Moto G by 2015
  2. Huawei P8 Lite
  3. Moto G4
  4. Doogee X 5 family
  5. Samsung Galaxy J5
  6. LG Nexus 5 by
  7. BQ Aquaris X 5
  8. BQ Aquaris M5
  9. Huawei G Play Mini
  10. BQ Aquaris A4.5

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