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Teclast X 5 Pro, video: Chinese clones begin to be dangerously close to

Teclast has a curious history imitating the design of some of the most important tablets on the market. Among them, the Surface Pro 4 seems to have become a special target, and in recent times have been launched a couple of teams with an identical cut. The last of them, this Teclast X 5 Pro of which today I speak, is attractive not only by get a look similar to the of the product of Microsoft but also by mount a processor Intel Core m3 of last generation.

Almost in the discount of 2016, Teclast has already on the market two really interesting tablets, one on the Surface Pro 4, and the other in the common design of the Lenovo Yoga-inspired. The great claim of both terminals to a lover of technology is its processor Intel Core m3 7Y30 (comparable Android would be almost Snapdragon 835), of a later generation to models based on the Huawei MateBook or the Galaxy TabPro S. I.e., this team should move games demanding with total smoothness.


Teclast X 5 Pro: Unboxing and first impressions

The portal Techtablets brings us one of the first unboxing of the Teclast X 5 Pro. We must bear in mind that the Tablet has just be announced and yet in pre-sales, making it both its price is rather high. Chris G, responsible for the environment, States have requested the device without opening or modify, so he has to fix them to bring up the Windows system in English. However, if you prefer, some distributors us it can give all ready for start to use it in our language. As always, the best to contact them earlier and ask.

It interesting from the device, already say, is its design, its construction and its powerful processor; but also the quality of the screen, 8 GB of RAM and the Type Cover put on your part. On the side of the disadvantages, find that the kickstand has only two positions and that the USB type C does not work, although it should, to load equipment. Their specifications seem to be simply those of a USB 3.0.

TBook 16 Power: similar design, price adjusted

If the price of this equipment is currently around 540 euros, the best economic alternative is also of the same firm. Obviously, neither construction nor its performance reaches such high levels, but the Teclast TBook 16 Power is another clone of the very worthy Surface, with dual, and boot able to offer reliability and productivity in spades for 300 euros, with an Intel Atom X 7 Z8750.

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