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LG G Pad III vs Iconia Tab 10 (A3-A40): comparative

Although it is normal to associate the Iconia line to the basic range, as I have said on other occasions, the truth is that the 10 inch model tends to have more characteristics of the middle range and the last one (A3-A40) is an excellent proof of this, so it seems that the opportunity to confront the new LG G Pad III also in a comparative deserves , as a possible cheaper alternative, even the evening in some sections. In what if and what not? That is what we are going to check reviewing them specifications technical of both.


Both are tablets with a relatively conventional, but rather stylish design and good finishes, despite we use premium materials, but both have some details that make them special: in the case of the LG G Pad III is the lectern, that allows us to use it more as a monitor if we want it, while in the case of the Iconia they are the front stereo speakers.


Although on other tablets the front speakers pass some Bill to the Iconia, compared to the LG G Pad III we see that the difference in size is minimal (25.62 x 16.79 cm against 25.9 x 16.7 cm), as is the case with the weight (510 grams against 529 grams). Does LG tablet carries an appreciable advantage in regards to the (7.9 mm compared with 8.9 mm) thickness.

gpad III tablet


The paragraph of screen is one of those that make that can consider is to the Iconia more as a tablet of range half that of range basic, since has with the same resolution Full HD (1920 by 1200) with which arrive it LG G Pad III and others. It is also the same size (10.1 inch) and the same aspect ratio (16:10, optimized for video playback), so the tie is absolute.


There is a difference too large between the two in the section on performance, even though it is not one of the brightest points of the Iconia: Although LG tablet processor is eight cores and the Acer four, the two have a 1.5 GHz maximum frequency and accompany it’s 2 GB of RAM.

Capacity of storage

Where does with a clear victory the LG G Pad III is in the section on storage capacity because, while the Iconia gives us “only” 16 GB of internal memory, with it we will enjoy 32GB. Them two have, in any case, with slot for card micro-SD, so are going to be able to expand the of form external.

Iconia Talk S


Another victory of the LG G Pad III, although less important for the average user, surely, find it in the section on cameras: the main one is 5 MP in both cases, a normal figure for tablets of this price range, but the front of the LG tablet is also 5 MP, something more unusual, while that of Acer stays at 2 MP.


There will be that see what such sale stop it LG G Pad III of them tests of use real, but of time have that say that, whereas only them data of capacity of their respective batteries, depart of a situation very igualada, with 6000 mAh this and 6100 mAh the Iconia. Although not can tell with security even, that can point that taking in has the rest of their specifications technical, not fits think in that have nor a consumption too different, by what would be surprising if an of them carries an advantage clear on the other.


The only thing we know about the price of the LG G Pad III at the moment is that in Korea has been announced by around that change would be around 350 euros, but even if the figure is lower when it launches in Spain (probably won’t if we bought it before import), it seems highly unlikely that it can match the around of 200 euros which costs the Iconia Tab 10 (A3-A40) right now.

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