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Returns the hoax of Rita Barberá on WhatsApp

This morning surprised us with the news of the death of Rita Barberá, the former Mayor of Valencia and former Senator of the Popular Party, involved in various corruption Affairs. After suffering a heart attack, current Senator of the joint group died in the hotel Villa Real from Madrid. Just a few minutes of his death it has become to reappear the hoax of Rita Barbera on WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp hoaxes are the order of the day and often take advantage of any matter of highly topical to be distributed by tens of thousands of mobile phones. Consequences of such messages are invalid, but it does not stop being annoying to constantly receive messages that warn of the existence of a certain type of content when in fact it is not true. As an example we have of the last selectivity.

Rita Baerbera hoax on WhatsApp

The death of the former Mayor of Valencia has made the hoax of Rita Barbera on WhatsApp to return stronger than ever, as we can read in the Androidsis portal. For those who do not know the hoax in question, he is a message where are alerted to contacts in the implementation of IM on a video of Rita Barbera dancing than to be reproduced introduced a virus or malware into the device.

captura whatsapp

As you might imagine, this video of Rita Barbera on WhatsApp does not exist, so the most appropriate is, if you receive this message, ignore it completely and not to forward it to the rest of the contacts we have in the messaging application that runs out sooner or more disappearing and stop bothering to thousands of users.

It is not the first time that we find a hoax of Rita Barbera on WhatsApp. Precisely at the beginning of year the same message appeared in numerous mobile phones urging ignore the non-existent video. Now after the death of politics, the virality of this hoax grow exponentially, reason by which we insist on acting against the ignoring him at the time of receiving the message.

Videos that infect smartphones

Even though there is no trace of this video of Rita Barbera dancing that supposedly you can receive by the instant messaging application, we must not let pass that a video could alter the functioning of our phones.

Without going further yesterday same we told you about a dangerous video that was able to block an iPhone running iOS 10 and earlier versions to iOS 5, so anyone with an iPhone or iPad would be free to drop on the bug.

The item reappears Rita Barberá on WhatsApp hoax was published in MovilZona.

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