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Microsoft launches the card game Solitaire for Android and iOS

Anyone who has used Windows as an operating system for PC will be enjoyed on occasion of the solitaire card game. A legendary game that has accompanied us for years and that, despite its simplicity, has managed to engage us for hours by its addictive methodology. Now the game comes to two mobile platforms for excellence, iOS and Android, which now can be download from the App Store and Google Play.

With the arrival of Satya Nadella at the direction of Microsoft, the software giant has extended their most important products platforms such as Android. We refer to as popularly known as the suite programs Office Office, but also to apps like Skype or even ultimately applications specifically designed for smartphones such as Microsoft Selfie. Today, the catalog of applications from Microsoft Corporation increases with the arrival of the Solitaire, which also landed in iOS.

Solitaire card game to play from the mobile and tablet

Microsoft rescues for other platforms, a game that marked an era, but which today still hook despite the passing of the years. And is that known solitaire card game comes to Android and iOS devices to dazzle users with its basic but addictive aim. To boost its appeal, Microsoft has added five versions.interfaz del juego de cartas Solitario para Android

From the Classic Solitaire, Klondike, called to Spider, TriPeaks and FreeCell, Pyramid. In the same way, there will be daily challenges, as well as integration with Xbox Live to keep track of your games from Microsoft online services and to be able to resume any session of play in any of the supported devices.Modos de juego de Solitario

Download free solitaire for Android and iOS

In addition, as it is logical, with compatibility for Windows Mobile 10, solitaire card game is available for download from the Android, Google Play, app store and the Apple app Store for iOS devices, already iPhone or iPad. The game is free, although the user can see ads on the screen throughout their games.

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