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A photo that shows a P10 Huawei with curved screen filters

During the month of November we have had occasion to see a series of images in which supposedly appears the Huawei P10 design . Same leaks also echoed some of the main features of the successor of the Huawei P9. Now a new leak puts us on the trail of an additional version, the Huawei P10 with curved screen.

Be or not a fashion passed, the smartphones with display curve begin to proliferate in the market. Although it was first Samsung which opted for this technical solution, there have been a number of Chinese manufacturers who have replicated the bet of the South Koreans. However, this trend also has arrived to manufacturers of first brands. Makes some weeks Huawei not only presented the Huawei Matt 9, but encouraged the party with the version Huawei Matt 9 Pro, whose main novelty was the arrival of the screen Dual Edge.

Huawei P10 with screen curve, in the plans of the firm

Not seems that is a made isolated since a new filtration us puts after the track of that is would make in the second smartphone of the signature in incorporate screen curve. We refer to the Huawei P10, a model that is expected to reach the market during the second quarter of next year and that already started to learn details and characteristics of the product. As is appreciated in the image filtered in the network social Chinese Weibo, the manufacturer Asian would have intention of launch a version of the Huawei P10 with screen curve, a strategy that would follow them same steps that the Huawei Matt 9.Fotos del Huawei P10 con pantalla curva

Huawei P10 accompanied of versions Pro and Lite

If we focus on the image, this would see in reality – supposedly – three versions of the Huawei P10. On the one hand, have the model immediately to the left, that is would be up possibly with a version compact that would be the Huawei P10 Lite. He next in the list is would correspond with the Huawei P10, of which already have spoken and their main change would be the introduction of a button Home in the front with sensor of footprints integrated. The third and fourth perspective of the image attached is would correspond with the Huawei P10 with screen curve, with views of the part back and part front.

In this case we would see how the display becomes curved in its side, of the same mode that happened with the Huawei Matt 9 Pro. At its rear casing would also adopt a curved line on the sides, as well as the already feature twin rear camera with Leica lenses available.

The article is filtered a photo that lets see a Huawei P10 with screen curve is published in MovilZona.

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