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One of the robots: metal creatures in Real Steel combat

When it comes to speak of games from science fiction, we see how the dystopian future in which zombie apocalypse have taken place or wars worldwide, have legions of followers around the world who have placed them as the most popular of the genre. However, robotics also has its place among the works available in the catalogs of applications. The fight between creatures artificial already is giving its first steps in the cinema or the literature with a host acceptable that seek to emulate them developers in formats as tablets and smartphones.

As happens in others examples as The Walking Dead or the Lord of the rings, them movies based in the fight of robots also is have expanded to others formats. This is the case of Real Steel World Robot, which you then have their highlights and that nonetheless also has won admirers and detractors in equal parts. Are we facing a shift in science fiction that will give way to a new kind of games?


In the very near future, fights robots have become one of the most popular sports in the world. Dozens of tournaments and Championships dotted around the planet and only the best artificial intelligences manage to survive and win victory. Our mission will be the creating and controlling one of them, make it fights against others and, most importantly, to win. However, there is something striking in all this and is that the different creatures, exceed them two meters of height and the 900 kilos.

real steel pantalla


In this field, we have two elements that have emerged as the core of Real Steel: firstly, the possibility of competing against players from around the world. Then the option to fight in real time against them. On the other hand, emphasizes the ability of customization, which in this case is reflected in the addition of roofs, weapons and items of all kinds to improve the robots. According to its developers, every day new competitions are added.


This title has no initial cost, as usual. However, it requires integrated shopping that can reach 150 euros per item. While has got overcome them 50 million of users, has received critical by the high cost of some products, failures of synchronization with others stands and also, errors at the time of connect is to the networks for those tournaments online.

WP-Appbox: Real Steel World Robot Boxing (free+, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: Real Steel World Robot Boxing (free+, App Store) →

You think that Real Steel has reached the crest of the wave, or you think that still has a way to go? You have available more information about other similar titles such as Iron Kill so you can say to yourselves.

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