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Google photos now includes the albums search

Google photos is one of the tools of Google more valued, not in vain is the main choice for those who want to keep all your photos in the cloud automatically, and not only that, but having a proactive Assistant that allows us to remember all events created from photographs. Now Google photos added an interesting novelty, which relates to searches carried out in the application, basic when we have a repertoire of thousands of stored images.

Google photos continues to receive news with various updates, as in the last of which we did ECHO, allowing us to automatically create funny animated GIF files from our photos stored on the servers of the Mountain View.

The albums will now appear in searches of Google pictures

Google photos is a tool that is reaching proportions indescribable, the thousands of million of photos that handles of all us not are problem to his assistant us remember where were makes X years or us suggest animations automatic. When we handle our photo gallery, which, in many cases, contains thousands of pictures, is indispensable to have a search tool, and much more efficient, much better. And that is what is working on Google, since without update of by half, the albums are appearing in searches of Google pictures.

Google Fotos albumes

So far when we were looking for a picture for a particular term, appeared all the results in the form of independent pictures, and never showing albums. After the latest changes in the web-based, both the Android application the albums if they appear in the search results. This way if we for example “weekend on the beach”, we will see all the photos that match this description, in addition to the albums that are called this way, so only have to click on them to view all photos contained within that album.

App de Google Fotos

With the latest version of Google photos in the Play Store can access to this interesting novelty, that improves if fits an of them features more interesting of this application. Even without upgrading, if limpiais the application cache, you can see these changes, since it seems that they reside mainly on improvements within the application of Mountain View servers.

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