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Chat on Messenger with PewDiePie, the most famous youtuber in the world

Internet and video streaming have been the parents of one of the most important audiovisual phenomena than we have of the century. Already is them is as authentic star of the Rock or athletes of elite, and its cache and profit already is them about enough. Talk of youtubers, and as happens in our country with the Rubius, to level world there is a clear reference in this each time more thriving profession, as is PewDiePie, the youtuber more famous of the world, and with which are going to have the honor of “chat” Facebook Messenger thanks as not to a new bot.

Bots are increasingly common Facebook Messengeradd-ins, and help us to be able to chat with “imaginary friends” who hide behind artificial intelligence of a machine.

Now the most famous youtuber in the world has been responsible for launching his own bot with the aim that all mortals may cross a few words with him.

The PewDiePie on Facebook Messenger bot

Already is available for Facebook Messenger the bot of PewDiePie, the eccentric and fun youtuber that has gotten in these last six years nothing less that 49 million of subscribers to his channel of YouTube and thirteen thousand six hundred million of videos seen in this channel, some figures simply dizzying and away from any other youtuber. These numbers granted the honor of being the most famous youtuber in the world, and as such not a tool so much fun as a Facebook Messenger bot could miss on your resume.

Pewdiepie bot

As can see in the images, this bot will simulate a conversation with the youtuber, to which can ask freely, that Yes, in perfect English, or directly choose some of the issues that us offers the own Facebook Messenger. As was of wait, between their answers will slip numerous material visual of this eccentric youtuber in form of GIF animated and memes of all type.

Pewdiepie bot

All this material, as it could not be otherwise, always related to the conversation that we are having with the virtual youtuber. The bots are one of the funniest FacebookMessenger Tools, since it allows us to keep the most hilarious conversations with all kinds of characters, whether based on real characters as this case or not.

You can already access the bot from PewDiePie from the following link, is time to enjoy our Kafkaesque answers always incisive questions.

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