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You can download the first Lineage ROM OS for the LG G3, OnePlus 3 and more

Quick as lightning. Just as it happened with CyanogenMod and unofficial versions, the project around Lineage OS begins to record the first unofficial Lineage OS ROM. At this time there have been some works that allow to download and install the first Lineage OS ROM for the LG G3, OnePlus 2, OnePlus 3, Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and Samsung Galaxy S5, among others.

It warned. The transition from CyanogenMod to Lineage I was being very fast given recent events. Yesterday we informed you of that infrastructure to start compiling the first Lineage OS ROM based on the previous CyanogenMod missed walking with the start up of Gerrit on servers that will host the project. As well, although not officially the first Lineage OS ROM begin to emerge to the surface thanks to the untiring work of those who make up the community of the Scene Android.

First ROM OS Lineage

The enthusiasm of those who are behind the Scene Android has led to some of the main forums dedicated to Android devices, with XDA to head, become the breeding ground of the first ROM Lineage OS. As already I have indicated, is treated of versions not official based in the code of the previous ROM of CyanogenMod. We could say that it is the preliminary adaptation to give shape to the official and definitive version.

Interfaz de las primeras ROM Lineage OS
Menú de ajustes de la primeras ROM Lineage OS

As such, to all them interested, you please that read carefully the instructions for its installation, as well as the information that us allows know the grade of development of the compilation. We refer mainly to errors and parts of the system that may not function properly. And it is that, finally and after, is software testing.

Download and installation of the first custom ROM

While the group that will lead Lineage YOU takes form, them developers alternative have taken the front from the code source of the previous compilations available of CyanogenMod. Only in this way it is possible that they are the first ROM Lineage OS not official for the LG G3, LG V20, OnePlus2, OnePlus 3, Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini or Samsung Galaxy S5 (Verizon).

By the time, the process of installation of the first ROM Lineage I is the same that is used for the ROM CyanogenMod. The zip file is downloaded with the AOSP ROM, is installed through the recovery TWRP or CyanogenMod and subsequently added the GApps.

You have the files download links for the models previously cited in this forum. Of the same mode, be in has that the list of models compatible can increase in any time, given the frantic activity that is hovering on the project.

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