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LG G Pad III vs Aquaris M10: comparative

The low-cost Spanish bq is certainly one of them names more popular in the field of it range basic and half, so hard can leave pass it occasion for face in a comparative to the new LG G Pad III with it Aquaris M10, that undoubtedly will be an of their rival more direct, although is certain that each time see more models with the seal of large manufacturers with a relationship quality / price that little have to envy is the LG tablet one of them? We review the technical specifications of both and we leave you to be you that you decide.


With regard to the design, two tablets which we are dealing today are a good example of how much that has advanced the mid-range in this section with good finishes and stylized lines, even while the plastic is the predominant material in both. The two have, in addition, with some details interesting, as the lectern of the LG G Pad III or the system of audio of the Aquaris M10.


With regard to dimensions, each of these tablets has its own strong and weak points: to begin with, they are very similar in size, but with different proportions (25.62 x 16,79 cm front 24.6 x 17.1 cm), but the LG G Pad III has in its favour to be somewhat thinner (7.9 mm compared with 8.4 mm) and the M10 Aquaris be lighter (510 grams against 470 grams).

gpad III tablet


Two tablets display has 10.1 inches in size and 16:10 (optimized for video playback) aspect ratio. By what regard to the resolution, the result of the comparison depends on of what of them two models of it Aquaris M10 are taking as reference, since there is one lower that is is in the standard HD (1280 by 800) and another that would reach to the LG G Pad III, coming to the Full HD (1920 by 1200).


In the section on performance are once again very matches: the two come with 2 GB of RAM and its processor are quite similar in features (both have a maximum 1.5GHz frequency, for example), although the LG G Pad III is eight-core and the Aquaris M10 is four.

Capacity of storage

In the section on storage capacity, that we have a clear winner, which is the LG G Pad III, because it comes with 32 GB of internal memory in the standard model, while in the Aquaris M10 minimum remains 16 GB. The two have micro-SDcard slot, in any case, what will allow us to extend it externally and can help to make up the difference.

bq aquaris m10


For those who have light will actually use the cameras of your tablet with some frequency, it may be interesting note that, despite the fact that the two are tied in the front Chamber refers (5 MP), Aquaris M10 takes advantage in regards to the main (8 MP facing 5 MP).


You know that real autonomy of a device is the result of the combination of the capacity of the battery and its consumption, and even of the latter we can not say anything until we don’t see how responds the LG G Pad III in real evidence of use, but what if we can already say is Aquaris M10 part advantage , since its battery has a capacity rather more high (6000 mAh front 7280 mAh), what us gives any compensation, said is of step, which its thickness is something greater.


Finally, it seems that hae price, Aquaris M10 could be a more interesting option, although we must bear in mind that in reality do not know anything about what is going to cost to do with the tablet of LG in our country still for sure (directly or import), but the first is sold for 260 euros , while the second was announced in Korea so the change would be 350 euros.

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