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Windows 10 Mobile not is (quite) dead: can run apps from desktop with RedStone 3

Despite little support being WinMo 10 in recent months, it was really rare that Microsoft abandoned its mobile platform, taking into account, on the one hand, the ambition and financial strength of the Redmond company and, on the other hand, the importance of strategic and growing smartphone smartphone. Several reports suggest that the version RedStone 3, that will come to end of 2017, will count with an emulator native to applications by 86.

Windows 10 was presented with the promise of integrating all kinds of support with Microsoft software in a single, universal platform. Almost a year and a half after its launch, this ambition is far from met, and is more or less clear that the territory of the company are big screens, while the Mobile version of the system has been blatantly unattended. Only HP and Alcatel offers advanced options in the system, in addition to some other story as the of Cube. Moreover, the commitment of Redmond and its response to the crisis has been for many users somewhat disappointing.

Windows 10 Mobile: with RedStone 3 the horizon to regain her strength

Makes some days Satya Nadella was, at the time, optimistic (perhaps too) and enigmatic with regard to the future of Windows 10 Mobile. In fact, said that the next product that brought Microsoft in that field will be the “phone final”. According to advance them boys of Windows Central, the great novelty can be a system hybrid “by 86-on-ARM64” that will allow to the smartphone running applications of desktop. Even is speaks in this half of a future to long term in which the terminals of Pocket count with a architecture by 86 native, not an emulator, as now is suggests.

HP Elite x3 aplicaciones windows

This novelty would come to end of 2017, next to the processors Snapdragon 835 and its capacity for support modules of RAM of until 8 GB. Is says also in the article linked more above that there are at least three manufacturers working closely with Qualcomm to develop models starting from the processor in Windows 10 Mobile.

In what will be this support for applications from desktop

By what us has Windows Central, the system that plans to Microsoft aims to take a step more beyond the metaphor of “the PC in your Pocket” and add a support native to the applications similar to which the HP Elite by 3 offers now with HP Workspace, based in the cloud. Practically, implies to lnzar and manipulate in the screen of the computer all the software of the phone, well by connecting to a dock or even of form Wireless.

It certain is that the project of a platform universal raised by them of Redmond is very far from being a reality, and that phrase of Nadella of “have an only Windows, not several” is mere rhetoric, unless by the time.

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