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Nomu S30, a phablet that only offers resistance or going over there?

Them works by make of them phablets that many used to daily, some stands much more elaborate, not pass only by it improves of them cameras, them resolutions or the incorporation of news as the reality Virtual. A new terminal that goes on the market should be seen as a single object in which all components must be in the same direction to get an overall result at the height of the expectations of a users increasingly demanding in every way. A example of these efforts it can see in the appearance of some processors and memories more powerful to support some features of image in increase.

In the field of the finishes of the devices we also see significant progress. Plastic, protagonist until not long ago, has given way to the metal at a rapid pace. The aluminum is has consolidated as material star and now, is possible even find devices with panels of Sapphire, one of those materials more resistant of the world. To check the resistance of products coming to the market, they are subjected to various tests and are qualified within a system that measures your ability to absorb dust, moisture, and shock. Today I present S30, the phablet of a company china called Nomu that as claim, used his resistance to the fire and that to first view, has supported without problems all them tests.

nomu s30 phablet


The finishes are one of the strengths of this model not from the point of view of its shape, which can seem rough and remote terminals rectangular or with gentle curves, but for their materials. By partly sacrificing the thickness, he has a metal roof , which according to its developers, do not give way to any speck of dust or humidity. This is reflected through its certified IP68 and that sight, allow the S30 withstand falls of up to a meter and a half in height or remain submerged at depths of about 4 metres for more than one hour and a half.


While in the field of design, Nomu device may seem attractive, can you capture the interest of the public with the rest of its features? To try to answer this question, or rather, resolve it, the Chinese firm has decided to resort to Sharp to provide the terminal of a 5.5-inch screen with a Full HD resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels. The cameras have been manufactured by Sony and reach them 13 Mpx for the rear that in moments specific, arrive to them 16 and 5 in the front.

nomu s30 lentes


Them smartphones Chinese continue resorting to another firm local, MediaTek to provide is of the maximum speed. In this case would be talking of a MT6755 an of them betting of the company of components for the range average in the last year and that would reach peaks of 2 Ghz through its eight nuclei. In a first time, would have with a RAM of 4 GB to which is add a capacity of storage initial of 64 GB expandable through cards Micro SD.

Operating system

Here not find too many news: Android Marshmallow of which is unknown the existence of any layer of customization own developed by Nomu and the release of support for update to the version more recent of the platform of the robot green. In terms of connectivity, would find the networks already consolidated as the 3 G, the 4 G and the WiFi. Autonomy would be another of his highlights as according to its designers, would have a battery high capacity which would be around the 5,000 mAh capacity and in standby mode exceeds, in theory, the 500-hour.

marshmallow fondo

Availability and price

Coinciding with Black Friday, S30 has gone on sale in recent days through shopping portals online. However, has not only come since Nomu has created the S series composed of two other models: the S10 and the S20. As tends to happen in this type of websites, despite the offers that can find is these days, can have changes significant with regard to the price. The average terminal you have tabled would be around 230 euros in contrast with the slightly more than 100 that costs the most basic family.

It seems that this phablet is another example of how companies in the country of the great wall are still innovating with the intention of definitely leave behind a past characterized by the manufacture of poor quality terminals. However, the time a time more, will be an element fundamental to determine the success or failure of this terminal that according to the designers of Nomu, even is resistant to the fire. Do you think that this statement is true and that it would result in a new generation of devices more balanced in all directions or simply it’s a publicity gimmick to better locate a company that is not yet well known in Europe? You have available more information as for example, a list of water resistant terminals so you can get to know more options.

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