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Top 5 games for iPad: Sonic CD, Gear.Club and more

Apple opted for a classic as App of the week in the App Store and its success has not able to be larger: in spite of large releases of recent weeks, Sonic has been done smoothly with first place in the ranking of most downloaded free iPad games and becomes the head of our top 5.

Sonic CD

Travel in the time with the game and inside the game: in Sonic CD can return to do run and jump a time more to the popular Porcupine of SEGA to return to the last and avoid that the Dr. Eggman can get to control the future. An opportunity that we can not escape if we are Sonic fans, in particular, or the classic videogames, in general.

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Them fans of them games of racing are of congratulations since to the end have a new title in the App Store of level with which put to test our ability to the steering wheel, with graphics of good quality, physical quite accomplished and an effort remarkable by get true realism in the experience of driving, in addition to a wide variety of circuits and cars with which run of course.

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Although at first glance it may seem like a pinball game more and not too our attention, be aware that behind this PinOut! We have none other than the creators of the Smash Hit and Does not switch, which should serve to inspire some confidence that not going to be disappointed, since they have managed to create a new quality arcade game and addictive.

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Zombie Anarchy

Gameloft has also left us a new game this weekend, and it’s one that seems especially appropriate, in addition, for the dates that we are, with Halloween just around the corner, because it arrives full of undead: Zombie Anarchy is a zombie apocalypse-themed online strategy game, in which we will have to take care of our own camp of survivors.

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Pineapple Pen

We ended up with a game casual that takes the simplicity of Fruit Ninja to new levels, because now we’re going to limit smooth and simply to stick a pen in pineapples and apples, as perhaps you could imagine already for the title. Not saying, however, that despite that may seem simple approach, the task will not be so much, that he is making to get to be really addictive.

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