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Top 5 free Android games: Zombie Anarchy, PinOut! and more

This week we have not one but two premieres of pretty level, with the latest Gameloft, Zombie Anarchy, and, PinOut! the new game from a lesser-known study but with a few hits already behind him: Mediocre. We leave you with the top 5 of this week of the best new games free for Android.

Zombie Anarchy

With the premiere of the new season of TWD so recent and already Halloween just around the corner, what better than a game of zombies to test our strategic skills: in Zombie Anarchy, the latest Gameloft, will have to go our own camp survivors, exploring our surroundings to achieve valuable resources and, of course, to defend ourselves from the undead.

WP-Appbox: Zombie Anarchy™ (free+, Google Play) →


It can Mediocre name does not tell you anything, but sure sounding that you at least Smash Hit and Does not Commute, probably their two most popular games and a good test of what the party that this study is unable to take the most basic game formula. In this case, all his talent is has applied to the gender of the pinball and the results are a time more excellent.

WP-Appbox: PinOut (free+, Google Play) →

Drive Ahead!

Drive Ahead! It is one of those games, increasingly frequent, in which we find ourselves with an unusual combination of racing games and sports, in which Yes we want to win the game (football, at the moment, although developers promise us to extend the Repertoire in future), will have to do it demonstrating our ability as drivers.

WP-Appbox: Drive Ahead! Sports (free+, Google Play) →

Dream Defense

For who seek something more than action, our recommendation this week is Dream Defense, that with a protagonist and a background something atypical and quite sympathetic, us goes to give the opportunity of test our skill with a wide variety of weapons and before ones few types of enemies different: in Dream Defense will be a bear of Teddy that has that defend to its owner of them monsters that it lurk by the night.

WP-Appbox: Dream Defense (free+, Google Play) →

Accurate Battle Simulation

We finish as we started, with a game of strategy, although very different from Zombie Anarchy: Accurate Battle Simulation in the atmosphere passes completely into the background and what we face is the challenge of creating an army and position it as well as possible on each of the maps, taking into account that we will not be able to modify on the fly , but that luck is pitch when we start the simulation.

WP-Appbox: Accurate Battle Simulation (free, Google Play) →

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