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See if your mobile is infected with Gooligan, the new malware for Android

Check Point security firm has unveiled a new campaign of malware that involves the use of malicious applications to make root to devices running on the operating system of Google and jeopardize the privacy of users. This new Android malware, named Gooligan, appears in up to 86 APK hosted outside of Google Play Store.

According to the latest information, the risk is so high that the malware is capable of infecting 13,000 smartphones or tablets a day and already there are more than one million of the devices could be infected with Gooligan, this new and dangerous malware on Android.

Operation uses different software vulnerabilities to get root – access and full control – devices running Android 4.x and 5.x. Gooligan leverages this total access to the terminal to steal names of Google accounts and authentication tokens.

The expansion of this new malware discovered in Android enabled cybercriminals install applications remotely different from Google Play in devices of the victims and post fake reviews on their behalf.

Besides this danger, a malware designed to steal authentication details, may have had access to other applications that use Google credentials such as Gmail, Allo or photos, completely exposing the privacy of the victims.

How to know if your phone is infected with Gooligan?

As we say, more than one million accounts have been exposed after the appearance of Gooligan. According to Check Point, the majority of these accounts affected by the Android malware, 40% were engaged in Asia. Europe appears in the last place of the regions affected with a 12% of accounts exposed.

googligan checker

If you have your doubts on if your smartphone could be within this 12% and fear that the malware of Android campe to their wide by your system operating, there is a tool web that you will allow check if are infected with Gooligan.

Access this free online tool created by the security company to verify if your Google account is in danger on the occasion of this new Android virus. Enter your credentials and after accepting the classic “captcha” will have the answer.

As always, we recommend not to download applications from unknown sources provided these applications are not verified.

The article, see if your phone is infected with Gooligan, the new Android malware was published in MovilZona.

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