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Huawei Mate 9 Lite vs Huawei Nova Plus: comparative

Yesterday we reviewed a comparative technical specifications of the Huawei Mate 9 Lite facing them with those of the standard model, to make us an idea of which were the key differences between one and another, but the truth is that within the catalogue of the Chinese company has a phablet that is presented as a more direct competitor, which is none other than the Huawei Nova Plus , the model of medium-high range that we presented earlier this fall. What these two gives us a better relationship quality/price? What are strengths and weaknesses of each of them? We are going to see it.


To be two models different (and not two versions of a same model), it true is that we found with two phablets of design very similar, with very few details significant that us can help to distinguish them. The two have also metal casing and fingerprint reader, something already almost obligated at this point, so it is difficult to give advantage to either of the two in this section.


By what regard to them dimensions, we found with two devices of size very similar, although the Matt 9 Lite is something more compact (15,09 x 7.62 cm front 15.18 by 7.57 cm), and with a weight practically identical (162 grams facing 160 grams). Only if we look at the thickness can appreciate a difference significant, in this case in favor of the Nova Plus (8.2 mm front 7.3 mm).

mate 9 lite blanco


In the screen section equality now is absolute, since both have the same size (5.5 inch), the same resolution (1920 x 1080) and, therefore, the same density of pixels (401 PPI). Another point, in summary, that not should assume difference any at the time of choosing.


In the section on performance we already have a somewhat more interesting difference, since Huawei has mounted the Mate 9 Lite its Kirin 655 (eight cores and 2.1 GHz maximum frequency), while for the Nova Plus has opted for a chip from Qualcomm (an eight-core Snapdragon 625 ) and 2.0 GHz frequency. The characteristics of both, however, nor are too different. The two have, in addition, 3 GB of RAM.

Storage capacity

Turning to the section on storage capacity, we have a new tie: both offer 32 GB externally through micro-SD card expandable internal memory (which moreover is basically the standard of the phablets of this price range right now).

huawei nova plus


While there are interesting differences to take into account in the section on cameras, since the stakes of Huawei for each of these models are quite different: the Matte 9 Lite comes with a dual camera, like his older brother, but “only” with a 12 MP sensor and a 2 MP, while the Nova Plus, in a more conventional line puts at our disposal a 16 MP camera with optical image stabilizer. The front camera is in both cases, that Yes, 8MP.


We find with identical figures in the section on autonomy, where the version Lite of Matt 9 remains far behind the standard model (3340 mAh). If we think, moreover, that there are not too many reasons to expect a significantly different consumption from their technical specifications, normal would be that we find that the behavior of both the evidence of use is not practically the same, but it will have to wait to check it out, of course.


We don’t know yet how it will sell Huawei its Mate 9 Lite, but taking into account that the Nova Plus is sold between 400 and 450 euros and how similar that are its technical specifications, it would surprise us that their prices differ too. We will be alert to inform you when you know something in an official way, because it can certainly be a decisive factor for many when choosing between one and another model.

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