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Samsung confirms that it will present a Galaxy Note 8 this year

The publication of the analysis that has finally confirmed the cause by which the battery of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 missed fire has served to confirm another important news. The South Koreans will present this year a New Note with S Pen and it will be the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It has been the own DJ Koh, Chief of the division of Samsung Mobile, which has brought forward that multinational, despite problems with the ill-fated Note 7, put on the market a new generation of the phablet optical mouse.

The impact of them problems detected in the battery of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 encouraged a wave of rumors about the viability of launch a new Note. It is that the case of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is unprecedented, and there was some uncertainty about how to receive a new users Note.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8, confirmed

If had doubts about the project, has been the Chief of the division of mobile of Samsung, DJ. Koh, who has made it clear that the company will turn in the release of the sequel to Note 7. He has been in an interview with CNet, on the occasion of the press conference given by the manufacturer in which reported the outcome of the study to clarify the causes of the explosion of the Galaxy Note 7, where the Executive has made it clear that this year there will be a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.Samsung Galaxy Note 7 de color azul

The conductor in Samsung Mobile has not revealed the possible features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, but yes has left an important message. The company will manufacture the most secure and innovative Samsung Galaxy Note 8. And is that the study to determine where the problem of Note 7 battery lies has served to the multinational to know to what extent customers have interest in the range Note.

According to them words of DJ Koh, some 10,000 people have dear take advantage of the channel of information provided by Samsung to know all them details of the case, information that includes the possibility of launch a new phablet with S pen. A stimulus to keep a range with history in the smart phone market.Samsung Galaxy Note 7 detalles S Pen todos los colores

Will keep the DNA of the S Pen stylus

Thus, it is clear that, despite the case of Note 7, there is a profile of users who anxiously await the successor of Samsung Galaxy Note 7. A family of devices that, in addition to by design and features, has known integrate is in the market as models unique in its kind.

That’s where custom brand software and the aforementioned stylus Pen S have been a plus to create a product that no one in the industry has been able to design as well as the South Koreans, in view of the attempts of other brands to address the advancement of the Note that, on the other hand, they were the precursors to the so-called phablet , smartphones with large screens. Thus, the strain will not be extinguished because it is expected that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 breaks in the market during the third quarter of this year, as are running our companions of range stops. However, the immediate priority of the company through the Samsung Galaxy S8, model that is on the verge of candy and land on the market in a matter of a few months.

The Samsung article confirms that it will present a Galaxy Note 8 this year was published in MovilZona.

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