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HTC U Ultra vs Galaxy S7 Edge: comparative

For quite some time that we did not see a phablet of HTC that could compete against the ship of other major manufacturers logo and, although it remains to see if with the new HTC U Ultra can get to put a dent in this select territory, at least is a device that can try to compete you to you with them. To check to what point may or may not have potential, as always, nothing better than measuring your technical specifications paragraph by paragraph in a comparative of with its most direct rivals, starting with the Galaxy S7 Edge, which seems that there are still you a few months of leadership in our catalog of Samsung until the Galaxy S8 take the baton.


While neither of them, of course, are going to miss the premium materials or the fingerprint reader, with even it should be noted that the location of this front approaches him a little to the Galaxy S7 Edge, it is impossible not to notice that with this new phablet HTC has become much more conservative so to design refers , something that stands out particularly facing the display curve of the other. In any case, the Samsung phablet has an objective advantage which is the water resistance.


The differences in the paragraph of dimensions are also notable, although explainable, partially at least, by the screen something more big of the HTC U Ultra. In all case, the Galaxy S7 Edge is clearly more compact (16.24 by 7.98 cm front 15,09 x 7.26 cm) and more light (170 grams front 157 grams), and even something more fine (8 mm front 7.7 mm).

htc u ultra


The other big difference between these two screens, as well as curvature, is, as we just comment, that of size (5.7 inch front 5.5 inch), since the resolution is the same (2560 x 1440). More high in the Galaxy S7 Edge (513 PPI compared 537 PPI) must remember, in any case, the pixel density is, logically.


One of the advantages that give them months that separate the releases of each of these phablets to the HTC is an opportunity to assemble a more recent processor (quad-core to 2.15 GHz front Exynos 8990 ‘s eight-core 2.3GHzSnapdragon 821 ). By what comes to the memory RAM, are tied with 4 GB each one.

Capacity of storage

The balance is tips of the side of the phablet of HTC something more clearly in the paragraph of capacity of storage, since the model standard arrives with the double of memory internal that the of Samsung (64 GB front 32 GB), although to the count both with slot for card micro-SD the difference is attenuates a little thanks to the storage external.

galaxy s7 edge negro


There will be that wait to see what is the verdict of the experts, but the specifications technical of the HTC U Ultra in the paragraph of camera are certainly interesting, with a camera main of 12 MP with pixels of 1.55 micrometers and an opening of f / 1.8 and stabilizer optical of image, and a camera front of 16 MP. The Galaxy S7 Edge, on the other hand, are 12 MP with 1.4 micrometer pixels and an opening of f1/.7, and 5 MP, respectively.


It will also be interesting to see what the tests independent of the autonomy of the phablet of HTC, but for now your battery is quite smaller than the of the Galaxy S7 Edge (3000 mAh with 3600 mAh), a fact not especially positive, if we think that your screen has the same resolution but is even bigger and that the device is even more coarse.


While the HTC U Ultra will not reach the figures of vertigo that, unfortunately, we are beginning already get on the ground of the phablets of high range, its price still will be significantly higher than that of the Galaxy S7 Edge, having been announced by 750 euros when other already can be found in some dealers for around 600 euros.

Here you can consult complete specs of the HTC U Ultra and the Galaxy S7 Edge .

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