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New smartphones from Motorola and Lenovo will come with Microsoft bloatware

Personally, as happens to many of you, we are not very partisan buy terminal with installed bloatware, or what is the same, with factory installed applications in a terminal. Seems that Lenovo not thinks so and just of arrive to an agreement with them of Redmond to them new smartphones of Motorola and Lenovo arrive to the market with applications of Microsoft pre-installed.

There are numerous studies that talk about that nobody, or almost nobody, makes use of the applications installed by default in a terminal. Proof of this it have in the applications of Sony that finally the company allowed uninstall of their mobile. However it seems that Lenovo trust users to make use of these Microsoft applications on upcoming smartphones from Motorola.

Preloaded applications are the same as those we have seen in previous Microsoft offerings with other providers for Android, including the suite of Office and Onedrive, Skype. The ad does not mention when it will enter the agreement in vigo, but Lenovo said that it is ready “to commercialize millions” of Android devices loaded with Microsoft applications in the coming years.

He next of them smartphones from Motorola that should see the light should be the Moto Z Play, a terminal of which already have could know some photographs filtered. It will be at its launch when we check if, as everything seems to point, this will be the first Lenovo loaded Microsoft bloatwarewith terminals.

moto g4

Before Lenovo, Microsoft made offers to bring their applications to them devices Android from Acer, Asus, Dell, LG, Samsung and Sony. Neither Lenovo nor Microsoft have announced the figure that rounds this agreement.

A world more beyond of Windows Phone

After the more than obvious failure of the system operating for terminals mobile of Microsoft, seems that the company wants to do is a hollow in the field of it telephony mobile passing is to collaborate with one of their more direct competitors: Android.

Even is soon to treat of find out how will affect this strategy of Lenovo to them sales of their terminals, but if have in has that the range Moto was until makes very little greatly valued by offer an experience Android almost “pure” (without get to be a Nexus) could guess that will be many them users which den it back to the company after this movement and the future of them smartphones of Motorola is in the limbo.

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