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All the news about the new update of Pokémon GO

After quedadas, controversial, arrests and records of download, seems that Pokemon GO begins to show signs of weakness, as are many them players that, after some weeks of use, seem to have is tired of kick your city in seeks of small monsters. Now comes the new update of Pokemon GO for help to those users to win fighting and return to reconquer to these users tired of the game of Nintendo.

One of the most common complaints about the latest mobile game of Niantic Labs is that the game is fairly simple. Well, the San Francisco-based developer seems to have heard all these criticisms and it has begun the process of implementing systems more complex Pokemon GO. Latest update began few hours ago its deployment with interesting new features.

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New features of the version update of Pokemon GO

Before fully entering one of the main innovations of the game version 0.35.0 should be noted that this Update brings some bug fixes in the game as the problems of consumption of pokeballs in obtaining hunting low level Pokemon.

However, no trace of long-anticipated features in Pokémon such as fighting between users or inheriting one of the main features of those Pokemon games for the now-defunct Game Boy, the possibility to trade Pokemon between our friends.

However, if there is a novelty rather interesting in the last update of Pokémon GO

Evaluating your Pokemon

And is that the inclusion more remarkable in this update is the so-called valuation of Pokemon. Basicamente is a way to make the game tell us which of our captured Pocket Monsters has the greatest potential for battle. And is that although we have captured similar Pokemon, one of them will have higher individual values (IVs), which means that as we evolucionemos in the game one will be more powerful than another.

Is why now the leaders of each team appear on screen to tell in detail us the State of our Pokemon this Pokemon GO update. Of this form them users may know more to fund them statistics of each monster of the game of Nintendo and can plan much better their strategies before enter in combat in any of them gyms of the area.

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