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New scam promises free Internet without Wi-Fi thanks to WhatsApp

Seems that is difficult that spend more than 48 hours without appears in the network one of them classic “hoax” or scams of WhatsApp. The last we heard about few minutes ago, when the profile of Facebook of the national police has warned of a new scam that is being distributed via social networks and messaging applications promising free free Wi-Fi Internet thanks to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has become the ideal medium for the cberdelincuentes to distribute false messages that encourage their victims to share their data without making them aware of it. We have seen it in the past with the famous WhatsApp Gold swindle or even promising vouchers discount for fast food establishments.

The last scam that browse to their wide by applications of messaging as it own WhatsApp or networks social as Facebook and Twitter is which promises something so absurd as is enjoy of Internet free without Wi-Fi or data in Exchange for distributing the message received to 13 contacts or pass it by 5 groups different of it application.

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WhatsApp scams that threaten our data

WhatsApp scams take us much longer than we can remember. When it seemed that they had finally disappeared for ever, calls and free video calls from the service were to be exploited to do with private information from unsuspecting users who chipped away at the “hook”.

Since yesterday it appeared a new scam that promised access to the conversations of our contacts, today the national police alerts through your Facebook profile of a new fraud circulating these days by social networks and through own messaging app.

The promise of free free Wi-Fi Internet or data is tantalizing, but like many of our readers you imaginaréis, impossible. However are many them users that trust in these messages and continue sending them to new contacts with the consequent danger of exposing data personal of the victim for use them of way fraudulent e even install malware in the device affected.

Remember that you must distrust everything that dubious veracity message received by WhatsApp or by any other means than anime to be shared with your contacts and, above all, those that indicate you that you have to install any application on your mobile phone.

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